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Using our in-house checks we're able to block browser emulations.


BxV relies on Cloudflare to ensure a stable mitigation network.

What makes our protection special?

Powerful Pre-Firewall

Our pre-firewall is our first line of defence and takes care of basic floods which can be easily identified by very simple flood characteristics.

Stage Mitigation

Attacks that bypass our pre-firewall get analysed by BxV to make sure the right stage gets applied, in case of an emergency mitigation user-friendlyness may not be taken into account.

Automatic Abuse Reports

Requests which get flagged by our protection for suspicious activity get automatically reported to Abuseipdb, this way we're able to contribute to an abuse list using our infrastructure.

Headless & Headful Browser Detection

From emulated to basic socket floods, we will detect you! We block browser emulated attacks which come really close to perfectly replicated legit browser traffic.


We have seen many anti-ddos solutions which require user interaction in order to successfully protect their network/organisation. Keeping in mind a user-friendly alternative we study how they work and what makes us able to block them without the hassle of user interaction.

Unfortunately not at this time, it's a non-profit project created for research purposes and as of now we have no interest in offering this service publicly. If you'd like help with starting to do your own research don't hesitate to join our Telegram and ask us questions!

If you wish to contact us, feel free to send an email to [email protected]!

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